360 Rotating Magnetic Charging Cable

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360 Rotating Magnetic Charging Cable

This is the first ever 360 Rotating Magnetic Charging Cable designed with a 90-degree connector which allows you to hold your phone in any position while charging it, saying bye to more broken cables under any circumstances!

It also features a nylon braided cable for maximum resistance and a LED indicator, making it easy to see where your phone is. It’s a perfect gift for any smartphone gamer or heavy user who wants a more convenient cable.

  • 90 Degree Angled Connector with a super strong magnet for quick snapping on your phone.
  • The cable can easily be rotated preventing tangled cables and broken connectors.
  • Built-in Blue LED indicator illuminates when the cable is active.
  • Made of highly-quality nylon braided cord and aluminum metal case.
  • The plug is separated from the cable. The plug can stay on the phone and is in only 1 second connected to charge.
  • The magnet connector is a dust-proof plug and prolongs the life of your device. In addition, it can reduce the damage to your phone’s battery port by preventing frequent plugging and pulling.
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