Aluminum Bicycle Bell


Aluminum Bicycle Bell

Takı, Bicycle, ringbell, Spor ve Dış Mekan

No cyclist, young or old, likes getting dirty looks every time they need to tell a walker or jogger to move aside.

Whether used to warn ‘slow-walkers’ or just say hello in a universal language, bike bells rule.

Takı, Bicycle, ringbell, Spor ve Dış Mekan

The  Cycling Bell is your perfect ride safety escort! It is a subversive traditional design of the new fashion bike handlebar bell.

It is good for warning people to keep the distance and it provides added safety and awareness, especially for urban cyclists.

InviRing™ Modern Cycling Bell

  1.  Design: Q shape fashion design, make your bike look more beautiful fashion.
  2.  Durable: The colour of the bell is carefully coloured, very bright, not easy to fade, and durable.
  3.  Applicable to: Fits mountain bikes and road bikes for 22.2-22.8mm handlebars.
  4.  Up to 90db sound, which you can easily make a clear and crisp sound with the flick of a finger.
  5.  Safe travel: Even in noisy streets, it can remind people or cars to pay attention, ensuring safe travel.



Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic

Package Contents:
1 x Aluminum Bicycle Bell


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