Anti-theft Backpack With 3-Digit Lock

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Anti-theft Backpack With 3-Digit Lock

The Best Balance of Fashion and Practical!

You NEVER have to worry about pick-pockets, money-grubbers, or thieves again!

Our Anti-theft Backpack With 3-Digit Lock is the perfect fashion accessory for business trips or just for everyday use.

USB charging interface it is great to enjoy the convenient charging by connected with the portable charger for your electronic device to easily keep full power anytime. Please noted this backpack not include power just for easy charging access.

This slim anti-theft backpack included a 3-digit lock, card slot, and back pocket make this small bag super secure., protects wallet and other items from thief and offers a private space.

The bag is made from high end and waterproof oxford fabric, provide strengthen and long-lasting performance with minimal weight.

The thick but breathable material can spread the load evenly. You can also switch the shoulder by changing the side of the buckle.

The reflective strap helps you stay away from danger in the night.

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