Automatic Tape Dispenser

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Automatic Tape Dispenser

The most useful tape dispenser ever!

The Automatic Tape Dispenser is, simply put, the handiest tape dispenser you’ve ever seen. When it’s time to get down to business, you’re going to want to grab the one-handed, dust-free, no-battery, internal-blade tool that spools and cuts tape with a single action.

Dispense the right length: For one-handed operation, repeatedly squeeze the lever halfway to ratchet out your desired length of tape before giving it a full squeeze to cut. Or if you’re in a hurry, squeeze the trigger halfway and pull on the tape, spooling out as much as you need. Then give it a full squeeze and release for your custom length.

Tape Dispenser 4 Lyfe: The Automatic Tape Dispenser isn’t a disposable tool. Once you’ve used the included roll, you can easily reload it with a refill of any standard size of transparent tape and keep on taping.

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