Cat Treat Sugar Ball

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Cat Treat Sugar Ball

It’s tasty, your cats will love it very much. Very healthy ball for cats to lick!

Cat Treat Sugar Ball is developed by veterinarians to boost cat immune system!Indulge your cat with a licking, high-fiber treat and see the health difference!

Nutritional ingredients: Cats treat candy balls rich in nutrients, such as trace elements and natural catmint, giving your cat more energy. It is a very nutritious and suitable candy energy supplement for cats.

Fixed Base and Easy to Feed: The bottom sticker is very convenient for putting candy in any interesting place, such as a cat’s nest, wall, floor, or other places to facilitate cat consumption. Help Drink More Water: Cats can increase the amount of drinking water and promote food digestion by licking sugar, which is beneficial to the urinary system. Let the cat grow up healthy and happy.


Styling: Spherical candy

Ingredients: Catnip + fish gelatin

Weight: 12g

Size: 3.8cm*3.8cm*3.8cm

Candy Size: 2cm*2cm*1cm

Package Includes:

1 x Fixed cat healthy nutrition candy



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