Compression Knee Brace


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Compression Knee Brace will perfectly protect your knee during the long runnings, workouts, sports, etc..

Besides, Compression Knee Brace will provide you with support to your knee during the workout with heavy SPORTS tools. When you press on your knees in order to lift heavy tools, Compression Knee Brace will protect your knee. You will not even feel pressure on your knees!

Purchase Compression Knee Brace for a very affordable price and guarantee the safety of your Knee from potential severe accidents!


  • The upper mouth silicone is non-slip, which increases the knee adhesion and reduces the slip.
  • Pressure straps, elastic and comfortable adjustment
  • Silicone cushion, wrapped knees, shock absorption
  • Spring support on both sides, smooth bending, support knee
  • High elastic breathable fabric, breathable and breathable, good elasticity
  • Comfortable stretch fabric gives you more than just comfort, but also a gradient decompression of the knee load.
  • Double spring support, no discomfort on both sides of the leg during exercise, strong support, and peace of mind
  • Suitable for all kinds of sports protection such as running, basketball, fitness, badminton, cycling, mountaineering, football…
  • Elastic binding, winding compression, applying uniform pressure around the legs, distracting knee pressure.


  • Specifications: single pack
  • Size: M / L / XL
  • Color: black red / black blue / black gray / black green / gray
  • Material: nylon, spandex, silicone
  • Suitable for: basketball, running, etc.


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  • 1 Pc *  Compression Knee Brace
Compression Knee Brace
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