Danish Dough Whisk

$29.99 $9.99

Danish Dough Whisk

$29.99 $9.99

No need to get your hands sticky! This Danish Whisk is strong enough to mix sturdy doughs without the need to use your hands, meaning you don’t have to get the dough all over yourself.

It’s unique and danish design comes in handy for all bakers and cooks. Unlike normal whisks, it doesn’t bend and the dough won’t accumulate on the stainless-steel wire head – making it better at whisking thicker doughs like pizza, sourdough or cookie! 


  • EASIER CLEANING – The dough does not stick and accumulate on the head making it much easier to clean than a standard whisk.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – It works like a whisk and a wooden spoon. The stainless steel head can be used to scrape the edges of bowls just like a spoon so you will require fewer utensils when baking.
  • EFFICIENT – Much more efficient at mixing heavier or even lighter doughs than a normal whisk would be. This lightweight, efficient kitchen tool mixes the stickiest dough or blends and folds almost any ingredients in practically no time; perfect for those who prefer not to use an electric mixer.


Use: Manual mixer

Material: stainless steel+oak

Type: Eco-friendly,stocks

Size: 33cm(12.9inch)

Package Includes:

1 x Danish Dough Whisk