Drawstring Plant Frost Cover


Winter is coming so brace your plants with this cover to keep them safe from frost! 

ThermoTech To Keep Your Plants Warm And Healthy! This ThermoTech plant cover bag keeps your plants warm and healthy this winter by keeping all the snow and frost at bay! No more wilting plants caused by cold weather and heavy snow!

Let Sunlight And Moisture Pass Through! The light and breathable fabric enable UV light, oxygen, and light moisture to pass through the bag so your plants can still obtain their living necessities even in this frosty winter! 

  • No More Stolen And Ruined Plants! Keep your plants well-guarded from unwanted visitors, like birds, rats, and raccoons! This plant cover comes in a sturdy built that will keep your plants well-sheltered from these scavengers!
  • Washable And Reusable For Years To Come! This anti-frost plant cover can be easily washed by using regular laundry detergent and water! Let it dry and it’s good for the next use! 



Material: Non-woven
Color: As picture
60*80 cm

Package includes:

1 x Drawstring Plant Frost Cover

Drawstring Plant Frost Cover
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