Easy-Wipe Stove Protector

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Gas Range Protectors, you will say goodbye to the obnoxious bits of food stuck inside the stove!

With Gas Range Protectors, you will clean your stove in a flash. These Gas Range Protectors will create a barrier to catch the mess and keep burners free of debris. Keeping your stove clean has never been this easy!

Most importantly, these Protectors promises effortless installation. Pre-cut centers allow you to adjust and set up the protectors in no time. Simply trim the liners with scissors to fit your stove. Moreover, thanks to the non-stick surface, they can be removed and replaced in a flash.

Size: 27 x27cm
Thickness: 0.08 mm
Material: Teflon Coating Glass Fiber Cloth
Color: Black, Silver
Number of Pieces: 4

Package Includes:

1 x Gas Range Protectors set

Easy-Wipe Stove Protector
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