FinGears Magnetic Rings Anti-stress


FinGears Magnetic Rings Anti-stress


  • Anti-stress magnetic ring
  • This magnetic ring will immediately calm you down and have a decompression effect
  • This is a ring with magical magic that can instantly make your stress disappear
  • According to expert research, the pressure of more and more young people around the world is increasing sharply, which has a great impact on life & work. The number of people who suffer from heart disease due to the pressure increase is more than 200W.
  • To this end, our decompression magnetic ring was born, this is a:
  • The magic ring that can reduce your stress in your study & work, just need you to wear it and turn it on your fingertips, you can see its magic effect. For details, please contact customer service or watch the video. More gameplays are waiting for you to start.


Style selection: random colours
Inner ring diameter: 1.8CM
Packing size: 14.5*10cm

Package Included:
1 set(3pcs) * Magnetic decompression ring (with three rings)


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