Fireproof Secret Book Safe Box


Fireproof Secret Book Safe Box

Keep your valuables safe and hidden with our Secret Book Safe.It looks like a real book in every angle, blend in way of the safe, nobody will discover it.

It’s perfect for safely storing money, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables!

KEEP VALUABLES PROTECTED from fire and water damage with our Secret Book Safe Box featuring a double layer of non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass. It’s an excellent fire box safe.

Main Feature
  • Fashionable design and high quality
  • Internal metal box is made from super strong steel plate and lockable with a key
  • Outer cover has realistic details and a paper feel just like a real book
  • Classic Fiction Book design easily concealed on a bookshelf
  • Key lock for double safety


Inside Box Material:Stainless Steel
Outside Dimension:Approx. 220*152*45mm( Size:M )
Inside Dimensions:165*100*38mm( Size:M )
Product Includes:
1 x  Book Safe Box
2 x  Keys
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