Glowing Skull Ring

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Glowing Skull Ring

Fashionable novelty ring that you could wear to any event!

The pirate skull glows, which make it a great accent accessory to your outfit–day or night!

Made with a high-quality metal alloy.

Glows brightly at night (or in the dark) for a maximum of 9 hours. When you are in a darker place appears this magic “turquoise” light!  You have to charge it by holding it under sunlight a few minutes (or any light you have) before you wear it in a dark.

Color Turquoise: (brightest in the first minutes) last 9 hours and more
Color Green (brightest in first minutes) Last 12 hours and more.
Lifespan: 20 years ( can be charged an infinite number of times )

Glowing Skull Ring has the following features:
Material: Stone


Package Includes:
1 x Glowing Skull Ring
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