Magic Flower Birthday Candle

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Magic Flower Birthday Candle

Musical Lotus Rotating Flower Candle will make your birthday cakes more fun, lovely, and interesting!

Children and little kids do not laugh at boring candles. Kids have to have fun on their birthdays and the birthday cake is a very important part of the fun. Imagine a candle that opens up like flowers while burning, and all of this fun happens with the birthday music playing.

Musical Flower Candle will make birthday cakes the most favorite part of children`s birthday parties. Children will love their birthdays because of this Musical Flower Candle.

Musical Lotus Rotating Flower Candle will make all the birthday cakes lovely for your beloved ones. This Flower Candle is simply amazing. Instead of lighting up a bunch of plain old candles one by one, you just stick one (or two, or three!).

Moreover, place Lotus Candles in the middle of your cake, or on any flat surface, and apply a match or lighter to the center of the candle. Purchase Musical Lotus Rotating Flower Candle, and make your kid`s birthday party unforgettable!


Material: Paraffin

Shape: Flower shape

Color: Colorful, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue

Process: Semi-manual and semi-mechanical;

Product Category: Candle

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1 x Magic Flower Birthday Candle

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