Magnetic Slimming Earrings

$29.99 $10.99

Magnetic Slimming Earrings

$29.99 $10.99

You don’t have to waste time at the gym doing countless hours of repetitious cardio and lifting weights in order to get your body in shape! The Magnetic Slimming Earrings will do the work for you! 



Helps manage weight and improve vision using auricular magnetic therapy in the form of bio-magnetic earrings studs. It works on acupressure and the magnets work through auricular therapy using the acupuncture principles to stimulate certain auricular points by acupressure to overcome hunger, suppressing appetite, and control compulsive eating. When place in the center of the earlobe, it helps improve vision.


Brand new and high quality

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Material: Stone Needle

Model Number: Ear massager

Usage: Two Cikou sucked in need of treatment corresponding to acupuncture points, repeatedly press day, press for at least 10 times, can not be the time and place restrictions, repeated treatment.

No Drugs! No Dieting! No Side Effects!

No chemicals, no pills!


Package Includes:

1 x Auricular therapy earrings

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