Anti Vibration Washing Machine Feet


Anti Vibration Washing Machine Feet

With these handy pads, you can keep those heavy electric appliances right where they should be and limit the noise level in your home!

Suitable for all kinds of wet, uneven, or inclined ground, adjust the balance of the ground, prevent slippingwear-resistant shock absorption, small and beautiful.

Material: resin fiber plastic, rubber
Small Foot pad: 2cm high (black part 2cm gray 2cm); inner diameter 3.5cm; outer diameter 6cm
Large Foot pad: Height 4cm (black part 1.5cm gray 2.5cm); internal diameter 4.7cm; external diameter 7cm
Suitable for installation environment: Wet or stagnant water, sanitary corners, poor drainage, uneven ground

Package Includes:
4 x Anti-Vibration Feet Pads


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