Pastry Cutting Wheel


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Pastry Cutting Wheel

Every baker’s favorite pie-finishing tool!

With its easy-to-use design and quick and consistent results, any level of baker will find the Pastry Cutting Wheel a welcomed tool into their arsenal.

Simply assemble your pie and place the Pastry Wheel on the edge. Using MEDIUM pressure, roll the Pastry Wheel around the entire edge of the pie to leave a beautifully consistent molded decoration.

The Pastry Cutting Wheel cuts perfect 3/4-inch wide lattice strips every time! The Pastry Cutting Wheel eliminates the guesswork on creating lovely lattice strips for lattice pies or beautiful home-made pasta strips for ravioli.

Simply roll out your pie or pasta dough onto a flat and floured surface, use the Pastry Cutting Wheel to quickly and easily create even and consistent lattice strips.


Pastry Cutting Wheel has the following features:
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic
Size: 10 * 8 * 2 cm; 9.5 * 8 * 2.3 cm
Package included: 1 * Pastry Cutting Wheel
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