Pearlistic Slide-On Ear Accessory

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Pearlistic Slide-On Ear Accessory
Amplify with this edgy Pearlistic Slide-On Ear Accessory Ear Clip!
The craftmanship of the ear clip is one of a kind piece that would be perfect for women of all ages and kids as well who do not have their ears pierced. The touch of gold gives it a classic look.

The Pearlitic Slide-On Ear Accessory has soft and bendable. You won’t feel too loose to keep it in place or too tight while you’re wearing it, offer you a comfortable wearing.

Material: Alloy + Pearl + Rhinestone

Weight: 7 g

Size: 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm


Package Includes

1 x Pearlistic Slide-On Ear Accessory



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