Professional Wood Burning Set


Professional Wood Burning Set

Professional Wood Burning Set is bigger than ever and people are going crazy about this Set for a Good Reason.

Carving and burning wood is a unique but beautiful style of art. Whether you want to try out the activity or you’re a bonafide woodworker, this kit is suitable for you!

This kit includes a complete set of all wood carving and soldering tools. Build eye-catching designs using this collection of tools!

Everything you need is included, whether you are already a Pro or just starting out with your Art. Stencils guide you to perfectly create your own Masterpiece. Woodburning Art has risen to popularity like never before and Art-Works get sold for hundreds of Dollars. Participate in the newly rising Trend.

  • Complete Kit
    Has complete tools so you’re ready to start as soon as you get it!
  • Suitable For All Occasions
    Create and design beautiful woodworks for decorations, gifts, and special occasions.
  • Different Sized and Shaped Tips
    Includes more than 20 different tips for wood burning and carving, with different sizes and shapes.
  • Works on Most Wood Surfaces
    Can work on different wood objects such as utensils, frames, and even instruments!


Material: Plastic Handle Electric Soldering Iron
Model: 110V US Regulations, 220V Euro Regulations
Power: 60 (W)
Temperature Range: 200-450 (°C)
Standard Soldering Iron Head: 900M-B
Voltage Adjustment Range: 200-250 (V)
Tip Temperature: 450 (°C)
Packing: Cloth bag
Weight: About 470g

Package Includes:

1 x Professional Wood Burning Set

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