Retractable Earrings

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Retractable Earrings

Rock the COOLEST conch hoop without piercing!

Retractable Earrings are yet the most COMFORTABLE, PAINLESS non-piercing earrings – They are cleverly designed with retractable clasp, spring pin, and round stopper.

Retractable Earrings, Retractable Earrings

Easy to put on and off while protecting you from getting an infection caused by piercing or earlobe dropping. Wear this accessory Can be put on all parts of ears including earlobes, helix, snug, daith, etc. Also suitable as lip & nose earrings!

Retractable Earrings, Retractable Earrings

Retractable Clasp: Clip-on hoop earring features with spring pin and round stopper for easy putting on and off without hurting your earlobes.

Retractable Earrings, Retractable Earrings

Non-Piercing Design: No piercing is required. Perfectly prevents infection caused by piercing, earlobe dropping while relieving the pressure of the earlobes.

Comfortable to Wear: This retractable earrings with round stopper is gentle enough to wear comfortably for the whole day!

Retractable Earrings, Retractable Earrings

High-Quality Material: Made of 100% nickel-free stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and discoloration. 100% Safe and hypoallergenic even for sensitive ears.

Multiple Ways to Wear: Can be put on all parts of ears including earlobes, helix, snug, daith, etc. Also suitable as lip & nose earrings.

Material: Gold Plated Titanium steel
Size: 11mm/13mm/15mm/18mm/20mm
Feature: Retractable, No Need Piercing
Package Includes:
 1 x Retractable Earrings
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