Shaper Sauna Belt

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Shaper Sauna Belt

Made with Neoprene smart fabric technology, the Body Shaper stimulates and traps heat wherever it makes contact with the skin. This breathable high-performance fabric conforms to any shape and figure, giving you a comfortable fit.

This is perfect for everyday use whether you’re at the gym or taking a stroll through the park. Great for both men and women!



Maximizes fitness routine
Perfect for exercise or for normal daily routines, or for any physical activity.
Item Type: Shapers
Fabric Type: Broadcloth
Thickness: Standard


Color: Black
Material: Acrylic Fibers
Weight: About 60g


Package Includes: 
1 Pcs. Shaper Sauna Belt


Size:                           S         M       L       XL       XXL
Top Waist (cm)           52       54      56      58        60 
Bottom Waist (cm)      56       60      64      66        68
Height (cm)                 22       22      22      22       23.5

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