Shirt-Stay Best Belt
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Shirt-Stay Best Belt


NEAR is the easiest and most effective way to keep your shirt tucked in tight against your body. It’s a unique and easy to use the device that uses elastic tension for a noticeably improved image. Not only is it comfortable and concealed, it gives your body a more slim appearance. Rubber grips and a button slot guarantee your shit to stay tucked, keeping it low and close to the body. No more embarrassing looks!
NEAR Shirt-Stay
NEAR can be used for dress shirts, polo’s, t-shirts and blouses. Designed for both men and women who demand the very best of their appearance.
The NEAR Shirt-Stay is a slim-profile belt designed to hold your shirt in place, similar to the way a regular belt holds up your trousers. When slipped on, the belt will secure your shirt in place and always keep it tucked, ensuring you can look sharp no matter how much you move all throughout the day. Heck, you can remove your pants for whatever reason and the shirt will remain in perfect position.
NEAR Shirt-Stay
NEAR Shirt-Stay
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Material: Nylon+PU leather
Package Includes:
1 x Shirt-Stay Best Belt

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23 reviews for Shirt-Stay Best Belt

  1. Gary H. Laffoon

    Bought this hoping that it would help my dress shirts stay tucked or stop them from shift about and leaving me looking like a muffin top after a day at the office. Works like a dream! I don’t even feel that I have it on five minutes after getting dressed. Shirts stay put and rarely need adjustment; i just wipe it down with a warm face cloth at the end of the week to remove any sweat or dirt, and it looks like the day I received it!

  2. August M. Fincher

    This thing is awesome. I have tried the gray one, the yellowish one and the straps that go from the socks to the shirt. This one is soooo easy to use as compared to all of the other ones. Takes about 3-4 seconds to put it on.

  3. David A. Francisco

    I’ve used it four times so far and it’s great. It makes tucking in my uniform so much easier, and it’s far easier to keep everything straight during the process. The only issue I have is the product can ride up some and come to the pant waistline, but this is a far trade-off compared to some alternatives. With the right pants (Blauer with rubber-lined inner waist built in) and correct tension on the product itself, it works well. Lastly, all material seems to be high quality but lightweight and less intrusive than some other products that serve the same purpose.

  4. Calvin V. Caston

    I got this to replace a similar product that was rubber because that one broke. This product seems infinitely more durable and is definitely easier to use. The rubber one was sometimes difficult to fasten whereas this one goes on immediately. The tradeoff is that it doesn’t keep the shirt 100% flat but its something like 95% so I’m very happy. I much prefer this product.

  5. Troy C. Fitzpatrick

    Went to a wedding and had on a flat front suit, this did the job beyond my wildest dreams. Held my shirt in the entire night with dancing, meeting new friends and eating. Only concern is that it your shirt buttons are slightly small you have to make sure that the buttons in securely, but I didn’t have any of those problems. AWESOME PRODUCT!!!!!

  6. David M. Garner

    My security job requires me to wear a softer look – shirt and tie. Gotta stay mobile and sharp looking.

    Right off the bat I could tell this belt is quality. It’s got a soft rubber lining to it that is sure to keep your shirt tucked in and straight. Barely notice I’m wearing it aswell.

    Really like this – will be using it on the daily.

  7. Edward A. Shorey

    Keeping a shirt tucked is always a hassle for me, with getting into and out of the car and an office chair all the time. This belt hides inside the pants and keeps the shirt tucked very well, both front and back. Sure it’s an extra belt and an extra thing you have to put on, but that’s just something you have to deal with if you want your shirt to stay tucked!

  8. Steven P. Mendiola

    I did a deep search about the shirt stay solutions, and finally I decided to buy this model because it is easy to wear, adjust and remove.
    I have been using the product for 2 weeks and I found it great. I felt little uncomfortable in the first hour then I totally forgot about it.
    This product keeps the shirt in its place for few hours (based on your movement style) which is fair enough to me. The silicon lines makes it more stable in its place for most of fabrics.
    However the shirt button holder can be improved to fit all type of shirts buttons. I have to apply more force when I use it with my work shirts to push the button inside the holder.

  9. Jamie K. Lakey

    I have used the product twice now and it works as advertised. There will still be some movement, but my shirt stays tucked in throughout the day without the constant adjustment. I adjust it as needed when I go to the restroom, but it is the best thing I have found other than the ones that wrap around your leg or clip to your socks.

  10. Leopoldo M. Dominguez

    My son’s job includes a lot of physical activity and working with customers and others. His uniform includes a shirt and tie and a shirt stay makes him look a lot neater and more professional. Always wondered how police and military kept their uniform shirts so neat. I guess this kind of thing is the secret!

  11. Robert C. Jones

    I was hesitant about buying this but after I did I did not regret it. I like it so much better than the straps that hook to my socks. It kept my shirt and t-shirt in place all day. Very comfortable and I like that it’s adjustable

  12. Alan L. Whitfield

    Ordered product for my son who is in para-military training! It is with upmost importance that he maintains his uniform appearance in pristine condition, and thus products helps him maintain the necessary look! Keeps shirt tucked in at all times!!!

  13. Richard H. Hastings

    I got the one that wraps around your hip. It makes your butt looks more lean and thus you’d appear more fit (but that’s assuming that you don’t already have a big stomach). That’s an added bonus of this product.

  14. David H. Plunk

    I had the previous version with a buckle. I had some issues with the threads coming undone. The new hook system is less bulky and the band itself seems to be a better quality. Holds my uniform shirts in place nicely

  15. Michael V. Kilgore

    I wore one of the rubber type shirt stay belts for years. It worked but did not last as the rubber would stretch and wear out over time. This belt is a much better design and it seems like it will last much longer. It performs exactly as it is supposed to. I am even able to use it with polos and other shirts that do not have a button to hook onto. As long as it’s worn below the belt line (as it’s supposed to be) it doesn’t ride up. Great product.

  16. Alfred L. Heim

    This product keeps my shirts tucked in and held tight across me so that I don’t look like a slob. That’s exactly what I need it to do. And also keeps pants exactly where I want them to ride.

  17. Kim D. Cheatham

    This is a great product, my pet peeve is my shirt popping out as I sit down, reach around – so this is great.
    Recommend this as a basic part of your suit collection!

  18. Joel L. Mercado

    Super simple to use and works great. I have never used one of these before. I am short and stocky so dress shirts tend to turn into tents on me. Thought I would give this a try and what a great idea that was.

  19. Charles K. Benson

    The Y-style is pretty popular but I wanted something that’ll work when I throw no-show socks on. Even though I do own the Y-style, this is also a nice choice.

  20. Mark J. Anderson

    Keeps my tuck perfect. I used stretchy baseball belts, suck straps and rocky horror picture show type gear when in the Corps at A&M and in the Navy… this works great… wish I had thought of it

  21. Robert B. Fulgham

    A must have for keeping shirts tucked! A little bit of the rubber is starting to separate from the belt, but looks like it’ll hold up for awhile.

  22. Michael K. Harshaw

    This shirt stay is perfect! I love how simple it is. My shirts stay neatly tucked like they never have before, I wish I found out about this sooner!

  23. David C. Craig

    Just started wearing this. So far so good. We’ll see how well it holds up after a few months.

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