Silicone Hair Curler


Silicone Hair Curler

Get a good sleep and have your hair curly when you get up in the next morning with Joopzy`s Silicone Hair Curlers!

Using Silicone Hair Curlers will not definitely hurt your hair. These Hair Curlers guarantee the easiest way to make your hair curly and stylish as you have always wished and dreamt!

The high-quality material of Silicone Curler is hypoallergenic, odorless, and non-slip. These Curlers are also easy to clean and store, washable and lightweight. These Hair Curlers can be reused for many times, that makes it practical and economical!

No pins, clips, electricity, and no heat are required! Purchase Moznex`s Silicone Hair Curlers for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and have excellent curly hair!

How to use:

  • After hair washing, dry your hair with towel until there are no water drop.
  • Open the hair curlers, roll the hair you want and close it, please adjust the position to make sure it can grasp and cove your hair.
  • Keep it 30 minutes to 1 hours, then remove the hair care roller, natural wave hair getting! Use hair dryer or hairspray will be better.


Material: High quality medical-grade soft silicone.

Color: Pink/Blue

Big Roller Size: 2.3cm(inner diameter), 5cm(outer diameter)

Small Roller Size: 1.8cm(inner diameter), 3.9cm(outer diameter)

Package includes: Quantity depends on your choice


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