Solar Led Glass Ball


Solar Led Glass Ball

High-quality Solar Led Glass Ball that will be a great decoration for your garden, path, pond! 

They will delight everyone! They will attract the attention of every passerby LED solar lamp – crystal ball.

  • Solar power supply modeno electricity fee, automatically lighting in the evening.
  • The shell of this product is made of glass. The broken glass ball and the built-in LED light string make it more aesthetic.

  • Warm white light is especially suitable for creating an atmosphere and can improve your mood.

  • It can be used for courtyard decoration, or be placed indoors where the sun can directly shine. The appearance of a glass ball is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor decoration.


Material: Glass + Plastics

Light source: LED

Size: 10*10*8.5 cm (small)/11*11*12 cm (large)

Weight: 370g/580g

Number of LED beads: 20/30

Power: 0.2 W per bead

Voltage: 2.4V

Solar panels: 2V/80mA single crystal silicon

Package Included: 

Solar glass light x 1, accessories x 2

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