Tea Infusing Spoon
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Tea Infusing Spoon

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This tea infuser brews the perfect cup of tea!
Do you crave a more personalized brew? Then look no further than the Tea Infusing Spoon.
Just pop your favorite leaves into the spoon and stir away!

This product is excellent to be used for tea bags and loose tea leaves. It also magnifies the tea’s flavor. It’s a healthier way to stir your tea. Able to support a wide array of tea bags, you can use this without making a mess. It even stirs the tea into the hot water. It’s one of the most efficient and portable forms of kitchen tea tool!

  • Uniquely designed spoon neatly holds loose leaf or bagged teas with a mesh cover.
  • The spoon-like shape makes it easy to enhance the flavor by straining the extracts with a mesh cover.
  • Use the built-in plunger to press tea and release more intense flavor. Just push the lever and it compresses the leaves and releases the tea flavor.
  • Works on loose tea
  • Reusable and intensifies the tea flavors
  • Works as a stirrer, tea infuser, and flavor intensifier in one.
  • The fine film keeps the tea leaves in the stirrer. Your drink will not have granules
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Color: Green
Material: Silicone
Size: 18cm x 4cm x 2cm
Capacity: 301-400ml


Package Includes: 
1 Pcs. Tea Infusing Spoon

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Weight 1.12 g

11 reviews for Tea Infusing Spoon

  1. Nadia J. Perry

    We like this option better than tea balls, since there is only two ways to have an accident with this, that the tea balls have bigger problems (unscrewing in your use, dumping tea everywhere), burning your hands, etc. The learning curve is how to pack the tea (with our fingers, or spoon it into the strainer works well), DO NOT squeeze down the end until you are cleaning the strainer, as the plunger releases the lock on the tea holder, to eject the tea. So use it, swirl the spoon to release all the essence of the tea into your cup, and eject AFTER you put the strainer into the sink or into your composter, or into your trash.

    Also one more piece: the little plastic swing hinge can easily come off. How you handle this is pretty easy, just snap it back together. Hope this helps, we have 4 of these, and they are better than the bamboo (which can mold), the metal which can burn your skin and still drop all the tea out into your cup, and can warp so that the bottom and top of the metal no longer aligns well. This is worthy.

  2. Ruthe K. Steinbach

    These are just the most convenient things for single-cup loose tea lovers like myself. Love that I can stir and squeeze out the tea with ease. You do have to be careful with the lids. If you squeeze too much tea too hard, you can pop the lid off, and additionally the lids can fly off if you’re roughly shaking used tea leaves out. Have broken a couple lids this way! Wouldn’t mind a sturdier version of this (a metal one would be amazing), but aside from that, great product design and I love how easy it makes drinking loose tea!

    If you find the lid is frequently popping off when you use the plunger: don’t stuff the chamber so full of tea, and/or hold the lid down with your finger. Since I’ve owned a few of these now, I can say some of them have better lids/plungers than others, the manufacturing isn’t super-consistent.

    Some people cite problems with particles. Particles may seem strange to people accustomed to modern teabags, but they’re just larger versions of the particles suspended in water that make this tea. You can strain your tea through a tea cloth before drinking if this is of serious concern for you, but in that case, you’re better off brewing your tea outside the cup instead of using an in-cup infuser. They do make looseleaf teabags, so if you want, you could probably line the side with the larger holes with a teabag and solve your issue.
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  3. Denise T. Lemaster

    I drink a wide variety of teas and have owned quite a few infusers. This one is the best I’ve had! The main thing I love about it is the extra fine mesh; no matter the type of leaf I use, I wind up with very, very few grounds in my cup. The absolute only negative I can think of would be the lack of a cross piece at the back of the infuser…something to wrap my fingers around when using the press to drain water from the leaves. But that is just being picky. Overall, the best infuser I’ve owned and I would not hesitate to buy again! A really great product.

  4. Alta G. Root

    This is THE BEST product for disguising thinning hair – I’ve tried several. – I suggest getting the add on applicator that allows u to target application precisely. To shake on would be very frustrating and wasteful to me.

  5. Marjorie D. Niles

    I love this infuser! First of all, I’ve purchased plain tea balls in the past and always found them kind of difficult to keep clean and impossible to keep from rusting. I love that this infuser has a small mesh screen but the rest of it is easy to clean plastic.

    It rests nicely on the bottom of my cup so I never have to worry about my tea ball falling into my cup and having to fish out the chain. Also, the plunger feature is genius! I love my tea strong, and being able to extract that little extra bit of flavour makes me very happy.

    As long as the plunger doesn’t break, I’ll be using this infuser for years to come! And no more do I have to avoid buying loose leaf tea because of a lack of a decent infuser. LOVE IT

  6. Jean A. Diaz

    A friend gifted me a lovely tea selection – alas it was loose tea and I misplaced my old-fashioned tea ball.
    This “spoon” and plunger does the trick.

  7. Tammie D. Coleman

    LOVE this! It is my second one. My first one lasted over 2 years with near daily use. I usually put tea bags in it and use this to speed up the steeping process because I like my tea HOT and don’t like to wait. It keeps your tea at the bottom of the cup and does work for loose tea as well. A little bit of tea comes through but it you use loose tea you’re probably used to that. I couldn’t throw my first one away so now I have two. The only reason I ordered another one was because the gray “knob” at the top came loose on my first one. So, really, you could have this for a long time.

  8. Shirley J. Dube

    Great product. Used it to filter out leaves after infusion. A little worried about the plastic melting from putting it in water that is still hot. Also, it can break relatively easily so it needs to be handled with care.

  9. Lily R. Dawkins

    I love making tea with this tea infuser! It’s durable and very easy to clean and use. It’s my “go to” option when I’m in a hurry and want to make tea without having a mess to clean up. It strains the loose tea right in the mug, so I feel I’m getting all the tea flavor out of the leaves every time. The color choices are pretty neat, too! The only complaint I would have, is that the tea eventually stains the plastic, which I would assume would happen to anything that is not stainless steal. I haven’t tried any specialized cleaning methods, except for soap and water, so perhaps something stronger (lemon juice, white vinegar, etc.) might get rid of the dingy look. No complaints, though. The strong design and shape are perfect!

  10. Lois G. Council

    this infuser works great. love the way to squeeze the tea leaves. basket stays locked. The plastic has been discolored over time but I really enjoy this product

  11. Michelle R. Krier

    I really like tea and saw this item chose to try it and absolutely love it. Able to get every bit of my tea, to the very last drop.

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