Tea Infusing Spoon


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Tea Infusing Spoon

This tea infuser brews the perfect cup of tea!
Do you crave a more personalized brew? Then look no further than the Tea Infusing Spoon.
Just pop your favorite leaves into the spoon and stir away!

This product is excellent to be used for tea bags and loose tea leaves. It also magnifies the tea’s flavor. It’s a healthier way to stir your tea. Able to support a wide array of tea bags, you can use this without making a mess. It even stirs the tea into the hot water. It’s one of the most efficient and portable forms of kitchen tea tool!

  • Uniquely designed spoon neatly holds loose leaf or bagged teas with a mesh cover.
  • The spoon-like shape makes it easy to enhance the flavor by straining the extracts with a mesh cover.
  • Use the built-in plunger to press tea and release more intense flavor. Just push the lever and it compresses the leaves and releases the tea flavor.
  • Works on loose tea
  • Reusable and intensifies the tea flavors
  • Works as a stirrer, tea infuser, and flavor intensifier in one.
  • The fine film keeps the tea leaves in the stirrer. Your drink will not have granules
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