Thermochromic Magic Hair Dye

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Thermochromic Magic Hair Dye

Tired of having the same shades of hair color?

Experience fabulous, punky hair with our Thermochromic Magic Hair Dye! A unique, magic hair dye that gives playful colors to your hair with a heat-activated effect and is constantly changing with the temperature

Formulated to shade-changing with cool or hot temperatures, it transforms your tresses even if they are not bleachedJust apply the hair dye to the desired hair area, and then wait for it to dry or blow-dry, then your hair will be full of vitality and show a variety of bright shades


Made with top-quality, natural nourishing ingredientsnon-toxic and skin-safe. Add charming tones to your hair that even the warmth of your own hands and sunlight activates the awesome thermochromic effect!

  • Easy To Apply:
    Simply apply the magic dye onto your desired area of hair and wait for it to dry or blow dry the dye for a whole day of a vibrant, shade-shifting miracle!
  • Pampering Coloring Treatment:
    No more damaging coloring process! The magic dye is created with naturally nourishing ingredients, giving your hair a pampering treatment with wonderful shades!
  • Make A Bold Statement:
    Perfect for fashion-forward women and men of all ages, especially for standing out in parties, role-playing, nightclubs, fancy dress parties, Halloween, Christmas, and other festive seasons.
  • Easy To Clean:
    Wipe the hair continuously by using warm water until the hair dye is completely removed. No mess, no damages



  • Product size: 13 * 6 * 4cm
  • Product weight: about 60g
  • Applicable crowd: General
  • Skin type: Normal
  • Net content: 40ml
  • Color: Purple, Yellow-green, Pink blue, Black silver, 4 colors available


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Temperature Change Hair Dye
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