Tyre Cleaning Hook

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Tyre Cleaning Hook

Designed different directions hooks and tire brush, Suitable length, Non-slip handle, Allows you to clean the tires it is very convenient.

(50% OFF)Tyre Cleaning Hook

Remove the stone from the groove of the tire, glass, sharp metal object and other objects, Reduce the degree of thread wear, Reduce tire noise, Extend the life of the tire, And reduce the possibility of tire burst.

Head detachable, There is a Phillips screwdriver inside, Using a wide range. Faced with various sizes of stones or garbage, there is a way to solve it easily Pick hook, right-angle hook, reverse hook, the size of the stone in the tire can be easily removed at will, saving effort and convenience.



Item Weight: 0.12kg
Item Volume: 1140cm³
Material Type: zinc alloy hook head + stainless steel + rubber handles.

Package Includes:

1 x Tyre Cleaning Hook

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