Ultimate Glass Metal Glue


Ultimate Glass Metal Glue

You can complete all of those tasks without creating a bunch of holes in the walls!

Extensive use: The operation is simple. This glue contains strong adhesive which will work perfectly on almost all surfaces – metal, glass, wood or ceramic.

Non-toxic, no solvent, no pollution, no corrosion, aging resistance. It is waterproof and elastic, completely safe to use. You can use it to glue anything from hooks to shelves – the glue can stand a lot of weight!

More sticky, no nails more secure, high strength, quick-drying glue, free noise, environmentally friendly and harmless. This product is so easy to use! Dust, oil stains or water should be cleaned from the surfaces before applying the glue. Also, make sure to wait up to twenty-four hours for it to completely dry.



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