Wireless Air Pump

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Wireless Air Pump

The small but mighty pump!

Unlike any tire inflator you’ve seen before is a sleek and clear shaped cylinder. It is the first tire inflator that got rid of all physical buttons and features OLED display with capacitive touch.

Portable Wireless Air Pump, Portable Wireless Air Pump

Even when you don’t need to inflate your tires, you can connect to them at any time to gauge the tire pressure. The screen shows your current pressure immediately when connected like the picture shows above.

Portable Wireless Air Pump, Portable Wireless Air Pump

  • COMPACT DESIGN– Our inflator is designed to be small for it to be convenient. You can bring it anywhere with you or just store it at the back storage of your car and it won’t even take much space.
  • SELF-ILLUMINATION– Flat tires can come at any time so it could happen at night as well. During dark emergencies, our mini pump has self-illumination highlight beads that will aid you in those urgent emergencies.

Portable Wireless Air Pump, Portable Wireless Air Pump

  • Low Voltage Protection– Built-in battery protection device. When the voltage is too low, it will automatically cut off the power and the battery will not be over-discharged during a long time placing. The maximum inflatable pressure is 150psi, which is suitable for car bicycles, motorcycles, balls, swimming rings, inflatable toys, and Other Inflatables.
  • Super Bright LED Flashlight– 8 LED Light Beads can be controlled by the independent switch to provide you with convenient for emergency lighting at night. And the LCD digital display with backlight, which is easy to read the digital during the night.



Color: Black, Grey, Silver
Material: Plastic, Aluminium Alloy
Diameter: About 55mm
Height: About 250mm
Inflatable Tube Length: About 53mm
Power: 60W
Vehicle Power Supply: 12V 3A
Input Voltage: Charger 5V 2A
Working Current: 1-5A
Working Temperature: -20℃-70℃
Battery: Built-In Battery
Battery Volume: 2000Am 12.4V
Charging Method: Micro USB
Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Inflating Efficiency: 2 Minutes To Inflate a 1.95 Mountain Type
Emergency Illumination: About 10 Hours
Emergence Illuminating Light Source: LED


Packing Includes:

1 x Wireless Air Pump


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